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Note-taking and file storage for the Web 3.0 era


Current software to capture and organize ideas and projects is either private or collaborative, and it’s not free (only with limitations on storage)

With Anytype users can capture and organize ideas, projects, their business or their entire life. It’s made like a document editor – a user can create a page, put it inside other page, store files, add web bookmarks, tasks, organize them in kanban boards. It’s collaborative – users can add team members and do projects together. What’s disruptive is that it’s done without a server. Anytype  connects storage capacity of members’ computers into a private p2p network. We use public key cryptography, so only members of the team can access the data, and we as developers or anyone else cannot. The last, but not the least, it’s free for unlimited number of documents and files. It does not cost us much – as teams use their own disk space.


Zhanna Sharipova, CEO
Entrepreneur, LSE alumni, strong experience in marketing

Anton Pronin, Product and Business
Entrepreneur with big clients like Elle, Maxim, Marie Claire

Roman Khafizianov, Backend Dev
Focused on java, blockchain, golang

Anton Barulenkov, Designer


May 2018


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