Zoi Meet

The AI Communication Platform Background Problem:Language barriers inflict costs on businesses, and for international meeting it’s costly to hire real-time translators and the quality varies greatly. Solution:An AI-powered Business Assistant that can live subtitle, and translate, your multi-language meetings while taking searchable transcripts and notes in text and audio form. Team Nick Yap, CEOComputer scientist,


Digital Mental Health Games Background Problem: With mental illness being on the rise and insufficient care worldwide, mental health products that are scalable, affordable and evidence-based are a dire necessity. Most digital mental health apps struggle with high attrition rates. Solution:Gamify digital mental health therapies with an app that helps build resilience – acting preventative

Nifty Learning

All-in-one training administration software Background Problem:Large companies that train their employees manage the entire process using multiple tools to assign, book and track trainings. This results in very manual work that is time costly, error prone and offers no overview of the training plan deployment. Solution:With Nifty Learning, the user can manage a session end

Missfits Apparel

Every woman deserves a bra that fits Background Problem:Finding a bra that fits is a real problem because fit is about much more than size, and yet size is the only metric we’re given to judge fit. Solution:A recommendation model for bras that takes user-submitted data, and combines it with data about the bra’s technical


Career Marketplace for Healthcare Recruitment Background Problem:Healthcare will become by 2024 the world’s biggest employer of the economy. Still, no high quality solution has been developed for healthcare recruitment. Solution:A digital marketplace where healthcare specialists are connected to relevant employers who are competing to send them job offers and interview requests. Team Catrinel Hagivreta, CEOMBA,

Hive Online

Making the future a fairer place to work for small businesses everywhere Background Problem:SMEs form the backbone of economies everywhere, yet they’re at the back of the queue for access to services and finance, and their biggest problem is trust. Solution:Using blockchain and cryptocurrency pegged to local fiat currency, hiveonline brings small businesses and the

GoSave Inc

Next-generation digital piggy banks Background Problem:As we transition to a cashless world, and with the emergence of digital currency, teaching children about saving is harder than ever. Solution: GoSave is a next-generation digital piggy banks that makes saving and chores fun. Go Save have built a platform that allows us to create cute educational toys


The mobile-only banking alternative Background Problem: Financial services in Africa are broken because they are antiquated, expensive, insecure and disconnected. Solution: Our solution is a blockchain based multi-currency digital-only banking alternative with money transfer services, currency exchange, travel insurance, virtual debit cards and access to cryptocurrency for the African market and African diaspora. Team Stone


Creating Safe Workspaces Worldwide Background Problem:Harassment, bullying, and discrimination are extremely common in the workplace and are very costly in legal fees and lost productivity. Solution:An AI-based end to end software that helps companies measure, predict and treat offensive behaviors by combining people analytics technology, reporting solutions, and consulting methodologies so HR departments can prevent