Demo Day


Zhanna Sharipova, Anton Pronkin, Roman Khafizyanov, Anton Barulenkov.

Who We Are

Anytype is a distributed, content-addressable operating system that brings general-purpose decentralized computing to non-techies. Everything created using Anytype is unstoppable, distributed and censorship-resistant.

Who It's For

Our users are domain experts in their profession or area of interest. They are able to develop a wide range of tools for other users. A biohacker can create a perfect health and fitness dashboard, a management guru can develop a CRM or even an ERP for their specific business, and blogger and community leader can create, operate and own a service similar to Medium, Youtube or Spotify for their specific areas of interest.

Traction at Demo Day

Alpha version 0.0.9 is in closed alpha test with 30 users. We have 200 users on our beta list, including teams at Techstars and Sendgrid.

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