Demo Day


Shiran Yaroslavsky, Tal Ben Basat, Tomer Laszlo.

Who We Are

Cassiopeia fosters a healthier workplace by measuring, predicting and preventing offensive behavior. Cassiopeia’s AI engine analyzes demographic and organizational data, and finds teams at risk of sexual harassment, bullying, and discrimination. To reach their full potential, Cassiopeia offers personalized training solutions to build a safe and inclusive company culture.

Who It's For

85% of offensive behaviors go unreported, costing the average mid-size company $2.25M every year.
Our customers are senior HR professionals in fast-growing companies with 500+ employees, who want to keep track of their company culture, especially when spread around the globe or integrating newly-acquired entities.

Traction at Demo Day

We have 12 paying customers for our MVP from the UK, the US and Israel, including a strategic and successful partnership with a prominent HR tech leader. We are now on-boarding 3 large enterprises as paying customers for the latest version of our product.

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