Demo Day


Charlotte Chiang, Alexandre Mancini.

Who We Are

Missfits is bringing bra-shopping into the modern era using a data-driven approach to take the guesswork out of finding a bra that fits. By combining garment and user data, we give each woman personalized bra recommendations uniquely suited to her morphology and preferences.

Who It's For

We’re targeting the 200 million women in Europe who wear bras that don’t fit. A woman can access our website and within five minutes, create a Fit Profile that captures her lifestyle, preferences, and breast shape across six dimensions. The Fit Profile is the basis from which she can shop online or offline, receiving instant feedback on the bras that will fit her best.

Traction at Demo Day

Since our beta-launch two weeks ago, we’ve garnered 5000 views, with zero marketing. Retention has been high, with 84% of women using our site are completing profiles with us.

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