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Jan-April 2020


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Techstars Berlin Accelerator

Berlin is the fastest growing startup ecosystem in the world. It is attracting founders from all over Europe who are coming to build their companies amidst a sea of top talent, a supportive community and a great place to live. Techstars Berlin is a three-month, 90-day program that runs from the end of January until the end of April 2020. Read more about what to expect from the Techstars Berlin program via our Help Center & FAQ site.

Grow your network
Month 1: Grow the network

Meet more than 150 mentors curated from the Techstars network, and find the ones who will be your lead mentors throughout the program, some of whom may even choose to work with you after the program ends. These mentors help with product development, market-fit, and provide valuable introductions to help grow your company fast.

Month 2: Execute

Go deeper with your Techstars lead mentors, work with your MD (Jag Singh), gain traction and hit your milestones -- whether that's perfecting the prototype, or building out the next phase of your product.

Month 3: Strategy & Demo Day

Figure out your fundraising strategy, and prepare your investor collateral. Learn how to communicate your vision to customers, investors and future team members. Refine a great pitch, leverage demo day to kickstart your fundraising or close key customers &partners.

Team Berlin


Jag Singh

Managing Director

Vera Montacuti

Program Manager

Portfolio Companies

Techstars launched in Berlin in 2015, and in just a few short years, we've invested — alongside our partners — in over 130 companies, with founders from all over the world.

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