Demo Day


Andrew Birt, Jason Ko.

Who We Are

GoSave is a company dedicated to helping parents teach their kids financial literacy from an early age. Our flagship product is a smart piggy bank that pairs with a saving app for parents, and we’re soon launching a debit card and high interest savings accounts in the United States.

Who It's For

GoSave has been designed for parents with kids aged 3-12. Parents download a free savings application, that lets them send allowances, chores, rewards and goals to a smart piggy bank. The piggy bank is designed solely for the child and it displays the balance of their account, as well as letting them track goals, complete tasks and makes saving fun.

Traction at Demo Day

Winner of VISAs 2018 Everywhere Initiative and successfully funded on Kickstarter, GoSave piggy banks are now being tested with 100 families with full commercial and retail rollout ready for Q3 2019 and our debit card scheduled for release in Q4. We’re also in discussion with banks in the US, EU and UK who are looking for a solution like GoSave to engage families.

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